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2018 Workhorse Seminar

The Workhorse Seminar ensures that you receive the strategies and techniques you need to enhance the work you do every day in civil litigation cases.  You’ll be guaranteed to take away valuable information and innovative ideas that can immediately aid you in your efforts to assist your clients in their cases.  Whether you have been practicing two years or twenty years, the Workhorse Seminar has something for everyone.  


2018 CLE Calendar

Highlighted events indicate an FJA live seminar.
To be announced.

2/23 - 2/26: FJA Ski CLE Seminar

3/2: Proposals for Settlement Webinar
3/20 - 3/23: FJA John Romano Workhorse Seminar | Orlando Marriott World Center
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4/5: Annual Review Webinar
4/10: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Intake & Sign Up" Webinar
4/12: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Documents & Evidence Gathering" Webinar
4/17: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Demand Packages & Insurance Adjusters" Webinar
4/19: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Time to File Suit" Webinar
4/24: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Discovery - How Much & When" Webinar
4/27: Collateral Sources Webinar

5/1: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Depositions - Getting Your Client Ready & Getting Ready for Theirs" Webinar
5/3: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Mediation & Settlements" Webinar
5/8: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Trial" Webinar
5/10: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Case Closing & Lien Resolution" Webinar
5/15: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Nuts & Bolts of Civil Procedure" Webinar
5/17: The Law and the Stethoscope: Medical School for P.I. Attorneys | Location TBA
5/18: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Business & Marketing of Law Practice" Webinar
5/22: P.I. Boot Camp 3: "Professionalism, Reputation & Credibility" Webinar

6/20 - 6/23: FJA Annual Convention | The Breakers, Palm Beach
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To be announced.

8/1 - 8/3: Christian D. Searcy Voir Dire Institute | Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
8/2 - 8/4: Al J. Cone Trial Advocacy Institute | Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

To be announced.

To be announced.

To be announced.

To be announced.